Frequently Asked Questions

   Booking and Reservations

Does Playtime require a security deposit? Yes, our management company will collect a $500 security deposit prior to check-in. This is taxable, but the tax is refundable along with the deposit as long as there is no damage.

Do you offer vacation/travel insurance? Yes, you can purchase travel insurance (when making your initial payment) to protect against last-minute cancellation.

   Getting to Playtime and getting in

How do I get there? When driving east on Highway 58, turn right on Georgia St - its the 2nd right after mile marker 16. You'll see Playtime at the end of the street.

How do I get in? We will provide you with an access code to enter the front door. Just press the 'Schlage' button followed by your access code.

How do I reach your management company? We manage our own property - but if you need anything or have any problems during your stay, you can contact Robert at 252-422-1477.

When is check-in? Check-in is at 3pm on Saturday and you will be provided an access code ahead of time so you can go directly to Playtime.

   General Questions

What color is Playtime? Playtime is light purple. Over time, the sun fades it to periwinkle - but it received a fresh coat of paint in 2015. If you come across a pink version, that is an old, old picture from 10 years ago!

Is Playtime direct oceanfront? Yes, Playtime is direct oceanfront with 13 steps from the deck down to the sand.

Who do I call if something isn't working? Call Robert at 252-422-1477 - he will come fix it!

When is garbage and recycle day? Garbage days are Monday and Friday. Recycleables are picked up on Wednesday. Guests do not need to roll anything to the street, but please put your trash and recycleables in the bins under the house if you want it picked up. Robert will roll out the trash and recycleables to the street and will roll them back under the house after its picked up.

   Game Room

How do I turn on the pinball machine? There is a switch on the underside of the front-right corner of the pinball. If this doesn't work, make sure it is plugged in!

Is the pinball machine free to play? Yes! Just press the start button on the front of the pinball - no quarters necessary!

How do I know if I ended up with a high score on the pinball machine? Every year we order a plaque with the high scores and hang it on the wall. We usually post the high scores on our Facebook page sometime after New Years.

   Home Theater

How do I watch a movie / play a game / watch tv? Use the univeral remote - at the top there are buttons for "Watch TV" and "Watch a Movie" and "Play a Game". Movies can be played on the Xbox One or the Blue-Ray DVD Player - the universal remote can control both.

The universal remote didn't do something correctly - what do I do? Press the HELP button at the top of the universal remote - it will walk you through some questions and usually can fix any problems.

Do you have a list of the movies you provide? We do not provide a list - but we are always adding more. And sadly, every year some are stolen or broken. But trust us, with about 300 movies, there is something you haven't seen!

Do you have movies for kids also? Absolutely - we have a wide variety of movies from every genre - including kids, action, drama, romance, family, and horror.

Do you provide games for the Xbox One? Yes, we have a small selection of Xbox One games and there is are multiple Redbox kiosks just across the bridge in Cape Carteret.

Does Playtime have a Blue-Ray DVD Player? Yes, we have several. The DVD Player in the Theater and the Great Room are both Blue-Rays. All others rooms have a regular DVD Player.

Do you have any Blue-Ray DVD movies? No, we do not, but there are multiple Redbox kiosks just over the bridge in Cape Carteret.

Can I access Netflix or other online movie services? Yes, several devices in the house are capable of this. The TV in the Theater is a Smart TV with access to movie services. Also, the Blue-Ray DVD Player in the Great Room is also capable of accessing these internet movie services. All other rooms have regular DVD players.

   Swimming Pool / Hot Tub

Can the pool be heated year-round? Yes, just let us know before or during your stay. There is a charge to cover propane costs and maintenance of the heater.

Is the hot tub open year-round? Yes, it is maintained and heated for all rented weeks, regardless of the time of year.

How do I turn on the pool heater? You don't. Contact us to request the pool to be heated. There is a charge to cover propane costs and maintenance of the heater.

How do I turn on the music outside by the pool? The sound system for the pool area is in the wall of the bathroom near the pool table. Radio reception is not great, but there are a lot of CDs provided in the TV stand next to the pinball machine.

Do you have any pool or beach toys? Yes, the beachfront closet near the gameroom bathroom contains chairs, toys, etc. Sometimes things get broken and thrown away, but often our guests continue to add to the closet throughout the season.

What if I need something you don't provide, like a stroller or a beach bike? Beach Butler can provide all this and more!

   Kitchen / Dining

We play a lot of cards - do you have seat cushions for the kitchen chairs? Yes, there are seat cushions in the master bedroom walk-in closet on the top floor.

I can't find something I know you should have - where is it? Unfortunately, your guess is as good as ours. While we put everything in specific locations every spring, guests continually put items in new, creative locations. Unfortunately, we can only suggest you keep looking.

A basic appliance (refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, ice maker) isn't working - what do I do? Please contact Janene directly at 919-557-3254 and we will do our best to fix or replace the appliance.


The eleveator isn't answering the call button - what do I do? Call Janene directly at 919-557-3254 and we will arrange for someone to come and fix it.

Someone is in the elevator but it won't work. What's wrong? Make sure the interior accordion door and all exterior elevator doors are closed securely. If that doesn't help, call us directly at 919-557-3254. Or there is a phone and phone number inside the elevator for emergencies.


How do I watch a DVD on the TV in the Den? There is a DVD player built into the Den television - it is on the right side. However, it won't accept a DVD until you change the source on the TV to 'DVD'!


How close is Playtime to a grocery store? There is a Dollar General only 8 blocks to the east - they carry basic groceries, bathroom and kitchen supplies, clothing and a lot more. The nearest full grocery store is Food Lion less than 5 miles to the west in Emerald Isle near the bridge.

Do any pizza places deliver to Playtime? We have had pizza delivered from Pizza Inn many times - so they do for sure. But I expect other pizza places in Emerald Isle will deliver also, since we are less than 5 miles away.

Who else delivers? Your best bet is to use - they deliver from a variety of restaurants in the area.

What about nearby watersports? Island Water Sports is less than 4 miles to the east - and they rent waverunners and do banana boat rides. Fishing boats can be chartered in nearby Atlantic Beach.

Where can I find a printer to print documents? The nearest options are Western Carteret Library or the FedEx office in Emerald Isle. The next closest option would probably be Staples in Morehead City.

   Other Amenities

Does Playtime have wireless internet (wifi)? Yes, we have high speed internet and a wireless router. Connection information is provided inside the house.


When is check-out? Check-out is at 10am on Saturday. It is important that your check-out is timely - as a large home like Playtime requires considerable time to clean and reset for the next guests.

Do we need to strip the beds and collect linens? No, our linen service will strip the beds. You just need to collect all the towels in the bag provided.